जिसका हर गाना कभी होता था सुपरहिट उसकी एक गलती ने किया करियर बर्बाद

जिसका हर गाना कभी होता था सुपरहिट उसकी एक गलती ने किया करियर बर्बाद

Himesh Reshamiya, who is considered to be one of the biggest superstar of his time, went as fast as she came to Bollywood, today we are going to tell you what was the mistake of Himesh Reshammiya that caused her career wasted. Done.

How Himesh Reshammiya's Career Begins

Salman Khan was the first to bring Himesh Reshammiya to Bollywood, and gave a chance to make a song in Salman Khan's film "Pyaar Kiya To Darna Ki", and Himesh Reshammiya made a great song, "Oh O Gaya Jaana "And this song became very famous and thus Himesh Reshammiya's entry was made in Bollywood.

Himesh Reshammiya shines here

Himesh Reshammiya got recognition in Bollywood when her album "Your Suroor" was released in the market, all of which were superhit songs, and look where Himesh Reshammiya's songs were playing and Himesh Reshammiya became superstar overnight.

Bollywood movies also increased their demand for songs

His songs became so super hit that every filmmaker started offering him a song in his film and it came to be believed that the film which will be the song of Himesh Reshamiya will be a super hit and gradually the demand of Himesh Reshamiya Started to grow

Himesh Reshammiya in the entry films

Given his success, Himesh Reshammiya tried his hand in films and his first release was "Your Surrender" after the flop, after that the "debt" film was also flop after which he took a very big decision and due to this decision, Career wasted

What was Himesh Reshamiya's big decision that ruined her career

When Himesh Reshammiya's films did not begin, he took the decision that he would sing in the same film in which he would be himself a hero and this was the biggest mistake of his career and gradually his career started drowning and his songs were reduced. .

Himesh Reshammiya did less back but till then it was too late and people had forgotten Himesh Reshammiya, and even today, Himesh Reshammiya is working as a music director in Bollywood, but his superstar image is over Which he initially created.

Proud himesh reshammiya

Himesh Reshammiya is considered very arrogant and it is also believed that the reason for dubbing his career is his own and his arrogance only ruined his career and every song that was superhit was reduced to meet him. .