अभी अभी लड़कों का ध्यान ना भटके इसलिए सरकार ने लड़कियों के पायल पहनने पर ल...

अभी अभी लड़कों का ध्यान ना भटके इसलिए सरकार ने लड़कियों के पायल पहनने पर लगा दी कड़ी पाबन्दी

The Tamil Nadu government recently surprised everyone by taking a strange decision. According to sources, the school department of the Tamil Nadu Government has imposed new restrictions on girls. This department has banned flowering of all the schoolgirls in the state of the feet and hair in the whole state. Yes ... and the department has said that the reason behind this is that, 'Boy's attention wanders with the voice of Payal's thighs and the fragrance of flowers'. Let us know this news has been printed in many local newspapers.

It is worth noting that earlier, the state's School Education Minister KA Sengottai had gone for free bicycle to children of high school in their assembly constituency. During this time, he gave a statement in this regard. In his statement, he said, "When someone wears a ring and afterwards, if he gets lost then there is a bit of bitterness towards the thief who steals his mind. Just like when the girl wears a pale in the legs, then by the voice of his thighs There is a disruption in boys' education. If a girl applies flowers to her hair, then there is no restriction on her. "

However, after the decision of the government, the state has now been banned for girls but no instructions have been issued for the boys. No leader has done anything to keep the shave of all the boys, the style of their hair, as well as the shutting down of the shirt buttons.