अरबपति राम रहीम की जेल में एक दिन की कमाई जानकर हैरान हो जाएंगे कमाता है...

Ram Rahim got the punishment of his dirty deeds last year, due to which he is still in jail. We all know about Ram Rahim that he is a billionaire but very few people know how much he has earned after going to jail.

Yes Yes, friends, even after going to jail, Ram Rahim has to do some work there too. You would be surprised to know that Ram Rahim has been given farming work in the jail where Parvez grows vegetables. Instead of this work, Ramarahim gets Rs 20 as daily wages. According to the information, according to the information, Ram-rahim gets Rs 20 per month as per the administration, because according to the administration, the transfer of the prisoner gets transferred to his account online, but all the accounts of Ramarham has been sealed by the court, due to which he has not yet got any rupees. See you. After going to jail, the position of billionaire Ram Rahim has worsened.