ये क्या,इस बच्चे का शरीर धीर धीरे बनता जा रहा है पत्थर,नहीं हो रहा इलाज ...

ये क्या,इस बच्चे का शरीर धीर धीरे बनता जा रहा है पत्थर,नहीं हो रहा इलाज का असर

Many times we face cases that are beyond human imagination. Today you are telling about such a rare disease. That has happened to a child. Listening about this disease to the child shakes the human heart. Actually, the matter is from Bangladesh. Where an eight-year-old child has a strange disease. The child's name is Mehdi Hassan. Which is slowly becoming a stone. Anyone who sees this child gets scared and scared.

The situation has reached such a point that the people have started saying ghosts. According to doctors, the child has skin disease. The child remains in the house due to this illness. The family of the child says that this disease is increasingly growing. Because of which the child is turning into a stone. The child's health has worsened so much that he does not eat anything due to illness or he does not.

At the same time, the child has been removed from the school after the disease. The situation has worsened so much that when he comes out, the children start seeing him. The mother of the child, while giving the information, said that when the child was born, it was normal. But a year later, a small pimple was left on his body.

The family, who did not take it seriously as a mosquito bite. After that the Dana continued to grow And took serious form. The family told that the child showed to the girl several times but there was no benefit.