क्या कहीं दुबई की राजकुमारी की बरामदगी के तार मिशेल के भारत प्रत्यर्पण स...

क्या कहीं दुबई की राजकुमारी की बरामदगी के तार मिशेल के भारत प्रत्यर्पण से तो नहीं जुड़े?

U.A.E. with the help of India The princess has been returned safely. The UAE there Bicholia Mitchell was extradited to India by This decision made by the governments of both the countries with mutual understanding is being linked with the recovery of the princess. Because before this, Michelle's India extradition was delayed. In this way, Mitchell has been extradited, in exchange for the help made by India to reach the safe state of the princess. The two strings of these events are not connected in each other? BBC. According to the report, the UAE After fleeing, the daughter of the ruler of Dubai was recovered from the Indian coast.

32-year-old Shekha Latifah bin Mohammed al-Makhtum, the ruler of Dubai and the U.A.E. Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid is the daughter of Al-Makhtoum. According to eyewitnesses, it was neither heard nor seen since it was captured by 4 gunmen, about 30 miles away from the coast of India at the beginning of this March. BBC. In the documentary 'Escape from Dubai', a French former detective and Finnish teacher told the first time that the princess's disappearance is detailed.

Both of these say that they planned it and Philippine Co helped them escape to give a new life to the princess. Latifa comes on the second number in Sheikh's daughters, who tried to run away from a lively life, and got frustrated after the report was re-arrested. In the same way, his younger sister was recovered from the streets of Cambridge after fleeing the family's Sarre estate in 2000.

The British police did not fully investigate the uprising incident. Latifa had said in a video recording before attempting to escape, that he had earlier also visited the UAE in the age of 16. Had tried to give up Keeping in mind the same experience, her sister ran the second attempt to escape. In 2011, he reached the French businessman and former naval officer Harvey Zobert, who claimed to have transported him to India through boat.