मोदी और शाह ने बदले राजस्थान में जीत के समीकरण,कांग्रेस को लगा झटका!

मोदी और शाह ने बदले राजस्थान में जीत के समीकरण,कांग्रेस को लगा झटका!

Elections in five states of the country are in the final stages, elections have ended in three states and the remaining two states will be going to the polls on December 7. These two states are Rajasthan and Telangana and now the election campaign is at full swing. The BJP's big giants are holding an election rally in Rajasthan and the Congress has put a full weight to it. Now what is going to be the result of it will be revealed on December 11.

Before the election results, it is being speculated in the speculative market that the atmosphere which was so far in Rajasthan was in favor of the Congress, but now the atmosphere created is becoming in favor of the BJP. Earlier, where the BJP was getting 60 seats, it has now reached 110 to 120 and the Congress has now reached 80 seats. Rathis of Modi and Amit Shah are being considered for this reversal.

Here BJP has also been successful in controlling the demise, the leaders who were angry, have been persuaded and they have been seen campaigning along with the party to campaign for candidates.

Here the Congress has also succeeded in celebrating many rebel leaders. But many big leaders have not been accepted and in such a situation, the control of the demise can be considered responsible for the seats of the Congress.