सनसनीखेज खुलासा:खुल गया दिव्या भारती की मृत्यु का वो राज,कारण जानकर चौंक...

सनसनीखेज खुलासा:खुल गया दिव्या भारती की मृत्यु का वो राज,कारण जानकर चौंक गए सभी....

Divya Bharti was a beautiful actress of Bollywood. Millions of people were beautiful in their beauty. But in a short span of time he went away from this world. Aaj Takak Divya Bharati's death has made a mystery.

There is a lot of speculation about the death of this beautiful actress, one of them is being told this way, after Divya married Sajid Nadiadwala, she started living in a flat in Mumbai-Versova. The life of both of them was laughing happily.

Divya Bharti was killed on April 5. There was no longer time for her marriage. An incident of this time is said to be that Divya had to go to Hyderabad for a film shoot. But the flat was to be registered in Mumbai, so he did not go to Hyderabad. Divya Bharti had returned to her flat after settling all her work. On the same day, he called fashion designer Neeta Lulla at home for selection of dresses.

Nita Lulla reached her house around 10 pm with her husband on the call of Divya Bharati. After talking with Nita Lulla for a while, in the Divya kitchen, Maid went to speak to cook. By the time he returned from the kitchen, everyone began to drink alcohol. During this, Divya Bharati also sat with him. She was sitting on the window and suddenly fell down due to an impalence. Divya Bharti had been killed till she was taken to the hospital.

Listening to the death of Divya Bharti, silence was spread everywhere. Listening to this story all got disturbed. The actor, who had become the beating of everyone's heart with his talent, had suddenly gone away from this world. This investigation was done for five years but the police could not find any concrete reason.