दुनिया का सबसे अय्याश मौलवी बाबा,शानो-शौकत ऐसी देखकर आँखे चौंधिया जाएंगी

You may have seen a religious leader more than one from all over the world but hardly anyone like Adnan Octar will be seen. He is not only a well-known Islamic religious leader, but he is also known for his fondness and luxury.

Adnan is mainly identified for giving religious discourse on a TV channel in Turkey. Adnan's history is quite interesting. The ladder to become a well-known Islamic religious leader was not so easy for him as a common man.

It is said that Adnan had established an Islamic institution in Istanbul in Turkey in 1980. His organization has made a lot of names. After this his wealth and fame went on increasing, but finding the true meaning of his income was very difficult.

According to reports, Adnan was arrested and he spent a lot of time in jail. People have different opinions about Adnan. Some people consider Octar being "dangerous and hardcore"; some 'influential thinkers' Adnan is very famous in Turkey.

Adnan is not only accused of spreading hatred against Jews, but also for his life-style and discourses. In one of his speeches, he had said that there was no such incidents like the massacre of Jews in history.

At present Adnan is in jail, he was arrested with some of his followers. Adnan has said that the conspiracy is being carried out against him around the world and Britain's intelligence agencies are leading this conspiracy.