लोगों को सड़क पर दिखा कुछ ऐसा कि भागने लगे लोग,देख सब हुए हैरान

लोगों को सड़क पर दिखा कुछ ऐसा कि भागने लगे लोग,देख सब हुए हैरान

Construction of roads, while if the right can be removed by a number of accidents that are not that these things are safe right Life's manner did not go how many have been done. But there is a new way of working out the engineer near the Moorish Ring Road Similia Petrol Pump. A number of crowds gathered to see it. Let's tell you the whole matter ...

These incidents are near the Swampy Ring Road Similia Petrol Pump. Where there was a car going in the morning the road but only see it as showing a small crater on the road as he informed the people around you. When the person hit the hammer on the hole, it broke down and grew bigger. After this people stopped the road to stop.

To measure the depth of the hole when someone put a stick in it, it went inside. Its information was given to the JARDL making the ring road. In the evening when the engineer arrived Satyaranjan he road engrave initially showed that no minor crater, but its depth to fit 15 to 20 and the width was about 12 fit.

In the whole investigation, the truth has come to light that the road was made negligent. Already the engineer knew that there are wells but still the cement was filled in well in the well. The investigation of the case is going on with full Zoro-Soro.