नरेंद्र मोदी ने अब मक्का मदीना को लेकर मुसलमानों को दिया सबसे बड़ा झटका ...

In Islam, Mecca Medina is considered to be the holiest place for Muslims. This is where Kababa is also considered the most sacred place of Islam. The Modi government of India has taken a big decision. This decision is related to Mecca Medina. After this decision, the faces of the Muslims have become depressed. Let us tell you what the decision is from which the Muslims have become depressed.

Life has to be done once in a while

Friends, every Muslim in Islam has to show the views of Mecca Medina once in his life. Without this their duty is not complete. For this reason, the believer who presents Islam preserves how he once visited Mecca and saw Kabah. For this, he adds Rs.

Moderation by the Modi Government's decision

The Modi government has taken a big decision which has caused despair everywhere. This decision is related to the journey of Mecca to Medina. Yes, the Modi government has made the road of Mecca Medina difficult. The government has made the Haj pilgrimage of Muslims expensive. Recently, the Haj Committee of India has issued Hajj's guide line.

Learn how expensive the trip is

Modi Government has installed GST to make Haj travel expensive. Yes, pilgrims will now have to fill 18 percent GST on air travel. These rates used to be five percent last year. At the same time, passengers will also have to pay UDF and Saudi tax.