मोदी के इस कदम से अमेरिका को करारा झटका,कह दी ऐसी बात कि......

मोदी के इस कदम से अमेरिका को करारा झटका,कह दी ऐसी बात कि......

Friends, today we are going to tell you that, regarding the three major deals from Russia that will increase the power of India by 3x, then read it completely.

S 400 Anti Ballistic Missile System

This missile system will come to India in 2020 and on its arrival Pakistan's mind will be corrected, because of its coming all Pakistan nuclear weapons will be damaged. The good thing of the s-400 missile system is that if a country thinks of attacking a missile on a Hindustan or a nuclear attack, then it will be activated in just 5 minutes and destroy it in the sky.

Helicopter camel

India is supposed to take Chambok helicopter from India. This will make the security of Hindustani Border even easier and intruders from Pakistan will not enter the border of India and if any terrorist tries to enter, then with the help of this helicopter, it will be abolished.

Advanced weapon

Hindustan is looking for advanced weapon from Russia. Advance guns and other weapons, which are absolutely advanced techniques. This will increase the strength of Indian troops and terrorists will not be able to survive at any cost with these weapons and after these 3 deals, the power of Hindustan will increase more.