शादी के बाद इस बेशकीमती आलीशान घर में रहेंगी प्रियंका,निक ने खरीदा इतने ...

शादी के बाद इस बेशकीमती आलीशान घर में रहेंगी प्रियंका,निक ने खरीदा इतने करोड़ का......

Bollywood Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra is taking the relationship of her and Nick Jonas forward these days. Soon, who is going to become Priyanka's bride. Now, they all know that both of them have engaged in the past and they have also been stopped. Now everyone's eyes rest on their marriage.

Now both of them have gathered in preparations for marriage. Both of them had gone to Jodhpur last evening. Both of them are getting married in Udaid Palace of Jodhpur. It was said before that both of them will be married in November. But the date of marriage has changed in the past.

According to the news, they will now get married on January 2 next year. Both the functions of marriage will begin on December 30. Now there is a new news related to this couple. Recently Nick Jonas bought his upcoming wife Priyanka Chopra and a Dream House for him.

Actually Nick will stay in the house with Priyanka after marriage. He was thinking about that. Now Nick has bought a luxurious house for himself and Priyanka. Both have already bought their new home in Los Angeles before marriage.

According to the report, the price of this house is being told about $ 6.5 million (i.e. 48 crores). If you see the house of both of you, your senses will fly.

There is every thing in his house that attracts this house. The house is at 4129 square feet. There are 5 rooms in his house. There is also a swimming pool at home.

Apart from this, there are many such places in the house that are actually being constructed. There is also a lawn outside the house. Its Alawa Garden has also been prepared.

The house of both are on Beverly Hills. The beautiful view of the house outside the balcony is also visible.

This house of both of them is very magnificent. Pictures of both houses are getting viral. Now both of them will be shifted to this house after marriage.