जब शिवमन्दिर में मुस्लिमों ने पढ़ी नमाज,तो भड़का ये समुदाय.......

जब शिवमन्दिर में मुस्लिमों ने पढ़ी नमाज,तो भड़का ये समुदाय.......

Namaz is being read in the temple. You will be shocked to hear this. You will feel how it is possible, but it is absolutely true. Its photos are pictures, which have now become the big witness of Hindu-Muslim unity.

Actually, passing through Jainpur village of Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, people of Muslim society needed a clean place to read Namaz. The people associated with Shivmandir built in the village asked Namajees to read prayers in the temple premises. He also provided water and food for them. The temple administration at Namaz did not object to Namaz, and no one came to the Namajis.

This case of praying for prayers in the temple came out when photographs of these people read viral viral on social media. It is known that in the Bulandshahr, Tablii Ijtema started from Saturday. Lakhs of Muslims from all over the country and abroad are coming to the village of Dariapur in order to attend this religious festival that lasted for three days.

According to Ganga Prasad, the head of the village, when some Muslim brothers came near Shiva temple in Jainpur village, it was time to pray for Johar (afternoon), but there was so much crowd of those who went to Ijtema that there was a jam on the road ahead. They could not even pray Namaz after going to the place where Ijtema was. Then they sought permission from Hindus of the village to read prayers in the temple premises.

Understanding the problem of Muslim brothers, we decided to teach prayers in the temple. Water was arranged for Vuja (done before prayer). Temple priest Amar Singh Vaidya told that everyone who used to read namaz there, as many people. He said that the message of brotherhood should go in the country, the temple is for everyone.