Breaking News:कांग्रेस को लगा बड़ा झटका,इस दिग्गज नेता ने थामा बीजेपी का...

Breaking News:कांग्रेस को लगा बड़ा झटका,इस दिग्गज नेता ने थामा बीजेपी का दामन

In order to support BJP in Maharashtra, Congress is on the one hand to combine with the NCP and on the other hand it is the challenge of keeping the leaders together for the Congress. Recently, CM Devendra Fadnavish of Maharashtra reached the house of Congress leader Kripashankar Singh when Lord Ganesh visited him, the market of speculation got hot.

In fact, in the political corridors of Maharashtra these days, speculation is going on in the days of Congress leader Kripashankar Singh, it is being said that Kripashankar Singh can soon get the support of BJP. However, Kripashankar Singh has not disclosed this yet.

However, the Fadnavis Shiv Sena chief also went to the house of close friend Uddhav Thackeray, who also lived in the same building in which Kripashankar Singh lives. Speaking on the point of joining BJP, the Congress leader said that he is not going anywhere and will remain in the Congress.

Let me tell you this time that when the media asked him the question, he said that it is just speculation that he is not joining the BJP, he will remain in Congress but can not tell in the future. He further said that the Chief Minister only came for Ganpati philosophy.

Let me tell you that the Congress has kept quiet on speculation about Singh. Let us know that in April 2015, the Mumbai Police filed a charge sheet against Kripashankar Singh and his relatives. A social activist had filed a public interest petition against the Congress leader in the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Bombay High Court, alleging that he had acquired more property than the known source of his opinion.