जमातियों का City Station पर कब्ज़ा,दो घण्टे नहीं चलने दी ट्रेन

जमातियों का City Station पर कब्ज़ा,दो घण्टे नहीं चलने दी ट्रेन

At the city station, crowds of tribes started growing up early in the morning to visit the three-day Ijtima in Bulandshahr. From the morning of the train to Meerut-Khurja, the traffic movement is stalled. The tribes captured the train. Despite the police-administration, the situation could not be cured.

The passenger going to Khurja at 10:45 in the morning could not be reached till 12 noon. Thereby raising questions about the functioning of the railway. The tribes demanded to impose an additional coach. The Railways imposed four additional coaches, but despite this the situation was not normal.

A ruckus at the station

Due to the absence of City Station Superintendent RP Sharma, the angry tribesmen shouted slogans. They said that no facility is being given. At the same time, the RPF station in-charge also demanded to send additional forces from Ghaziabad.

Tribe on both sides of the trek

Despite being a police force, the tribes on both sides of the Trek captured. Several times an attempt was made to run the train, but the operation could not begin because of the crowd.

Train coach

SP City and Superintender, who arrived during this, assured the tribes and added additional coaches by around 12.30 PM, from which the Khurja Passenger could be operated. The train ran at around 12:44.