DTH देखने वालों के लिए बड़ा झटका,अब हर महीने देने होंगे इतने रुपये,दिसम्...

DTH देखने वालों के लिए बड़ा झटका,अब हर महीने देने होंगे इतने रुपये,दिसम्बर की बड़ी खबर...

Nowadays, most spectators in India use DTH and cable operators. In fact, most of the people in the village and town areas use DD Free Dish i.e. DTH to watch TV channels. In such a situation, TRAI has taken a big decision regarding DTH and it will be even more expensive to watch TV from all viewers on December 29. According to TRAI's new rules, viewers will also have to spend money to watch the free-to-air channel. These rules will be applicable to cable and broadcaster and DTH.

According to the new rules issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), only the channels of viewers who want to watch the channels will have to pay them the same amount, and DTH and cable operators will have to give information about the price of each channel in their user guide and the rule no. On acceptance, legal action will also be taken against them. Because of this rule issued by TRAI, customers can only take channels of their choice, elements will get rid of unwanted channels of other languages.

Due to this rule of TRAI, the maximum burden will be on the people living in villages and towns, which see only free-to-air channels. However, to watch the channels on Doordarshan's DTH, the audience does not have to pay the money, and in addition to the free-to-air channels on other companies, people also get half the price. But after December 29, the problems of such customers will also increase as there will be a new price for all the channels due to TRAI rules.

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