खुशखबरी JIO DTH हुआ लांच,3 महीने तक 600 HD चैनल बिल्कुल फ्री

खुशखबरी JIO DTH हुआ लांच,3 महीने तक 600 HD चैनल बिल्कुल फ्री

Reliance Jio announced the launch of Geo GigaFiiber Service at the 41st Annual Meeting. The registration of which has started on August 15, will also provide DTH service along with GigaFiBer broadband service by Reliance Jio. For this, customers will be able to live separately from the DTH Set Top Box But I can avail the benefits of live DTH along with Geo Giga Fiber Internet Service.

Through the DTH service of Reliance Jio, customers will get the chance to see 600 HD live TV channels. I would like to tell that the live DTH set top box with GHz fiber connection of Reliance Jio will be purchased separately. I do not need a Dish antenna for DTH Because this Geo Giga Home will run through the Internet service, in which 600 HD channels will be enjoyed.

Reliance Geo's DTH set-top box will be provided with voice assistant, which can change channels through voice. I will work as a virtual assistant who will be given in the remote control of the set top box. I gave all Indian languages in voice assistant. Through which you can convert the channel into your language.

According to reports from sources, Reliance Jio will make its Giga Fiber and Giga Home Service available for free for the first 3 months. However, free Giga Fiber service is being made available in some circles in India as soon as possible. I will soon get Geo Giga Fiber across India Will be made available under the 3 month trial offer.