मोदीजी ने किया LPG के पुराने नियम को बहाल,सब्सिडी ट्रांसफर में बदलाव,उपभ...

मोदीजी ने किया LPG के पुराने नियम को बहाल,सब्सिडी ट्रांसफर में बदलाव,उपभोक्ताओं में ख़ुशी की लहर....

In the last few years, the subsidy in relation to taking LPG cylinders comes directly to our bank account. This facility was started by the Modi Government, but now this decision is being changed again and it is likely that the old rule will be implemented again.

Now you have to pay the same amount of money for the cylinders as it is the actual price, that is, you will not be worried now that the amount of subsidy came in your account or how late it came or did not come. Will be free.

Benefits to the Government as well as the consumer

In fact, this step will benefit the consumers as well as the government can also benefit as the elections are held next year and keeping such speculation, such speculation is being made that the government is in the process of enacting the old rules.

Explain that at this time more than 24 crore families are using LPG cylinders in the country. And it is expected that in the next one and a half years this number will reach 36 million.

Rural cylinders

Actually, the reason behind this step is that the rural class was quite upset with the prices of the increasing cylinders. And the people of the village had abandoned cylinders and started taking the support of the woods.

For this reason, it is believed that the government is repeating the old rules. So that he could reconnect the villagers to LPG again. And traditional options reduce the use of wood and shawl.

Reduction in gas consumption

If you look at the data of gas consumption in June-July then the rate of increase in LPG connection per capita gas consumption has decreased. The government was concerned.

Explain that the government provides 12 cylinders per year at subsidized rates. The amount of subsidy is directly transferred to the customer's bank account. LPG cylinders had more than 900 rupees in Delhi till last month.