अभी अभी PM Modi ने अयोध्या मुद्दे पर विपक्ष की यह माँग की पूरी,तो चौंके ...

अभी अभी PM Modi ने अयोध्या मुद्दे पर विपक्ष की यह माँग की पूरी,तो चौंके लोग.......

Friends, Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not always speak on all issues, but when he speaks on any issue, the opposition parties get a crude response, it is one such issue which is raising the biggest question in the present time that after all, Ayodhya Who is stuck on the Ram temple? We will talk about this, you keep reading.

Tell you that the opposition parties often ask PM Narendra Modi why they do not speak on the Ayodhya Ram temple, after all, PM Modi has fulfilled this demand of opposition parties and has responded to the Ayodhya Ram temple.

Let us tell you that in the Rajasthan assembly election, PM Narendra Modi spoke on the Ayodhya Ram temple in Alwar, Rajasthan for the first time, he said that Congress is playing dangerously. The Supreme Court wants to make a decision after listening to people on Ayodhya, but the Congress is impeaching Supreme Court judges by impeachment. PM Modi is not silent, he attacked the Congress on this issue.

The PM attacked Narendra Modi while addressing the election rally and said that the Congress wants his decision in Ayodhya on his side by showing his strength in the Rajya Sabha. That is why I say that the judge of the Supreme Court is not afraid of the Congress game. Congress is the old game of interference in the judicial process.

Do you think PM Narendra Modi's allegation on the Congress is correct, so give your feedback.