Smartphones के बारे में ये 8 झूठ जिसे आप और हम मानते हैं सच

Smartphones के बारे में ये 8 झूठ जिसे आप और हम मानते हैं सच

Most of you people will be using a smartphone. Many times a friend might have even told you that the phone should not be sleeping by charging the phone at night, as much as the megapixel would be, the camera would be as good as that. Many such things will have been told to you as well as many people. So, let's tell you today about 8 such rumors about the smartphone that you and you have been holding true for many years.

Battery: All the claims given below are false, for charging the smartphone's battery. The smartphone should be charged only when the battery is completely finished. First, charge full, before using the phone. More MAH, the battery is good.

Smartphone camera: You must have heard from many people that the function is, the phone's camera is fantastic because it has a 10,20 or 47 megapixel camera, while the truth is that the quality of the photo does not depend on the camera's megapixel. Megapixels for better photos, as well as things like aperture, are also responsible.

Brightness: Nowadays, almost all smartphones launching in the market get the option of auto brightness. Auto brightness means that, when you are in the sun, the brightness of the display will automatically get faster. Many people believe that by keeping the brightness in auto mode, the battery of the battery is quickly eliminated, which is not true at all.

Third party app: Often, you must have heard that downloading from the third party app store to the app phone, viruses come in the phone. This is not entirely true, because many times it comes to downloading an app from Google Play Store, along with malware. So to download apps from stores such as 9 apps, there is no need to think more.

Overnight Charging: From the mouth of many people, you must have heard that the smartphone should not be charged for charging for the whole night. By doing this, the battery of the phone gets damaged, while the fact is that after the charge is fully charged, the charger does not even take time. In such a situation, you do not have to worry.

Charger: Some people have advised you to charge the phone from the charger that comes with the phone. Do not use another company's charger. This thing is completely unfounded. You can also charge your phone from the charger of another company, but keep in mind that the capacity of the other company's charger will be equal to your company's phone charger.

Signal: Even the signal of the network appearing in the phone, it is the opinion of many people that as many signals are visible, the network is as good as the network, whereas the truth is something else. The signal depends on the quality, the decibels. Many times you might have noticed that despite having 1 signal, there is a comfortable talk and 5 cigars, even if the phone is cut.