जानिए क्यों हो रही है UP Police की तारीफ?अंधेरी रात में 3 बजे कर दिया यह...

जानिए क्यों हो रही है UP Police की तारीफ?अंधेरी रात में 3 बजे कर दिया यह बड़ा कारनामा

On one side, a recent blast in Lucknow has put a big stain on Uttar Pradesh Police. The same time recently, Uttar Pradesh Police has done a very commendable work at NH24 at 3:00 p.m. on night. This has led Uttar Pradesh not only in the whole of India but in Uttar Pradesh Police. And this time he has received a lot of praise.

Let's say that on the night of 4th October a family was going from Delhi to Shahjahanpur with their private car. But suddenly around 3:00 in the morning, his vehicle got damaged near Dalpatpur. However, seeing the deserted path, he was very scared. But at a time they thought of getting the help of Dial-100 and immediately dialed the Dial-100.

Let us assume that the UP Police 100 took this matter very seriously and covered the damaged car within 5 minutes. And at night brought the mechanic. After which after the hard work the mechanic cured the car after about 1 hour. Then the family traveling to the family got the breath of relief. And he went off giving thanks to the police. However, when this whole issue came on social media, the UP Police had received a lot of compliments once. Tell us what you think about the repair of a car by mechanic at night at 3:00 pm by Uttar Pradesh Police, tell us in the comment box