किसने क्या किया और कितना किया? सटीक सर्वे,जानने के लिए देखे ये video

किसने क्या किया और कितना किया? सटीक सर्वे,जानने के लिए देखे ये video

Friends, you must know very well that the last Lok Sabha elections have been completed for almost 4 years and people always remember what the Modi government did for the country and Congress on the other side also Did for While the country's independence, the Congress ruled the country till the year 2014. Keeping this in view, NDTV conducted the most accurate survey of the works of both parties, whose statistics were astonishing, let's know what the survey says:

In the case of road-

According to the survey, some people criticize PM Modi but tell you that the survey has said that Modi has done a lot for his country. I would like to tell that in the case of the road Modi Government has overtaken the Congress. The Modi Government has constructed from 4 small roads to 14 line highways in 4 years, which is much more than the Congress government.

Bright plan

On the other hand, the Modi Government has initiated a bright scheme under which all the poor households of the country got the LPG connection. The BJP government liberated every woman from the smoke under the bright scheme to make the food. This scheme has saved women time and has made the food easier.

Clean India Movement-

Explain that the Modi government created toilets in all the villages under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, so that no one should go out of the open and the country is clean. This work is considered to be the biggest work for the country. Tell me that Modi did many such works and there are many such works which have not done but according to the survey Modi Government has done a good job compared to Congress

Friends, which government has done the best according to you, definitely give me your opinion by commenting on me