नाना के समर्थन में आए सेंसर बोर्ड के पूर्व चेयरमैन कहा 10 साल तक कहां थी...

These days, the content of Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patkeer has been completely puffed up on Bollywood. In this case, many Bollywood stars have put their views in front of social media. Someone is supporting Tanushree, while someone is giving support to Nana.

But now in this dispute, former chairman of the censor board, Prajayaj Nihalani, is coming out in support of Nana Patekar. Piyaz Nihalani, former chairman of the censor board, has expressed surprise at this controversy.

He has said that why Tanushree did not open his mouth for so many years? What does it mean to wait quiet for so many years, the victim should have had to open his mouth on the atrocities already on him.

According to reports, Nihalani has taken the side of Nana and said that Nana Patekar has been a part of the film industry for many years and has worked in many big films. My grandfather has a very good relationship. I am quite surprised to see the controversy that has spread over newspapers and social media today.

Not only that, he further said that Nana Patekar is a very good man. Where was Tanushree for so many years and why suddenly woken up? If there is mutual confusion or any misunderstanding between the two, then it should be settled down and resolve the allegation and contradiction. If this is just for public fame, then it is not right.

Let me tell you, Tanushree Dutta has accused Nandan Patekar of committing sexual harassment during the shooting and physical tampering with him. During the shooting of the film 'Horn OK Please' in 2008, he accused Nana of attempting to forcefully co-operate with him. He had said, "Nana Patekar wanted to come near him forcibly, he was not a part of the song during the shoot, despite this he tried to be intimate with me.

Tell you that Tanushree Dutta has got the support of many big celebrities and her fans on this dispute. Stars like Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Twinkle Khanna and Richa Chadha have given their support to Tanushree without hesitation.