40 फीट गहरे हैंडपंप में फंसा 4 साल का रोशन 13 घंटे बाद आई आवाज कहा कुछ ऐसा

A four-year-old child in the field bore in Umeriya village near Indiore, near Pathgaon, was trapped inside 27 feet from the land. 10 people of the village together to pray for the child to come out

Four-year-old Roshan was trapped 27 feet from the ground at 11.30 am on the morning of March 10. He was repeatedly crying in the boring crying, Papa, leave me ...! From 11.30 in the morning since she has fallen, there is not a grain of food in her stomach
To take the child out, a 40-feet deep pothole is being dug in 60 feet width, six feet away from the bore. He is crying repeatedly crying in boring, Papa, get me out ...! From 11.30 in the morning since he has fallen, there is no grain of grain in his stomach. Attempted to get water and milk through small pipe. But no one knows whether this attempt reached Roshan or not.
Roshan's father did not leave Roshan for the moment. They are sitting on the oxygen tube from the morning and sitting there. As soon as the son comes crying, he kneels in the hole and says, 'Son, do not cry.' O son, do not cry
According to doctors posted on the spot, if the child of four years has reached 200 ml of milk, then it is enough. Giving glucose to water is not a problem anymore
To save Roshan's life, till 12 o'clock, more than 10 village people were engaged in Umaria. They kept praying for the survival of the working son of Roshan. Roshan was in good condition on his affair
To know the condition of the first child, the CCTV camera was dropped in Bore but due to darkness, nothing could be seen. After this, the movement of the child is being monitored by inserting the camera to check the bore. Halarojan has been planted for light at Umaria village as soon as it becomes dark. Helping the administration and the rural army