7 दिन पहले प्रेमी के साथ भागी लड़की शादी करने कोर्ट में पहुंची तो बाप ने...

Someshwar Joshi and Pinki Soni, residents of the village of Bhilwara, were running for a long time, 7 days ago both of them escaped from the house to get married. When the girl's family got to know about this, she started to search for the girl and also recorded the case of missing girl in police station.

When the police tries to track their mobile lockdown, they fail. In such a situation, when the family reached there, both of them had left for Jodhpur. When the police tracked back the police, they got locked and the family also left for Jodhpur.

After the court reached, the girl's relatives caught hold of both the lover, while catching, the yugs started shouting, due to this there was a ruckus in the court premises. Police took both of them with the help of the family and took them to police station. The boy has the same claim that he has merged the love and all the documents are present in his possession. The girl's maternal uncle says that the boy has done this before with the two girls of the village. The police are also investigating this case.