झींगा मछली खाने से जड़ से ख़त्म हो जाते हैं ये लाइलाज रोग देखकर दंग रह ज...

Friends, almost every Indian starts complaining about the shrimp. Because it looks pretty crappy to see. But the squats do not know that by taking lobster fish our bodies have many benefits. Omega 3 is found in lobster fish which helps us to reduce cholesterol in excess of the body.

Friends, everybody should take the lobster at least once a month. But friends should also remember that consuming lobster more than 2 times in a week can also damage your health. Friends, you will start eating from today knowing its benefits.

Advantages of eating lobster fish: -

By consuming it our bones are strong.

By avoiding prawn, we also avoid heart disease.

By taking lobster fish, our eyes are sharp.

By taking lobster fish, injury in our body and other wounds also gets cured.

You can also easily remove facial pimples and pulse grains from prawns.