आखिर क्या है धारा 377 और इसे क्यों हटाया गया आप भी जानिए इसके परिणाम

You must have read this news on TV or newspaper, that Section 377 has been dismissed by the Supreme Court, which will not be applicable in India. This historic decision has been taken by the Supreme Court on Thursday. There was a wave of happiness on the face of the common man. Nobody has opposed this, why this section has been removed? It is considered India's biggest historical decision, so Section 377 will not be applicable in India, then know what is Section 377?

Section 377

In this section, those people were sentenced to life imprisonment, who are vulnerable with women or any animal. He was declared a criminal and was given life imprisonment or imprisonment of 10 years and fixed fines were also imposed, but now this type has been rejected from India.

The news of cancellation of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code by the Supreme Court has given happiness to the whole country, but there can be bad consequences. Certain offenders will never be afraid of carrying out such crimes.