तनुश्री दत्ता के बयान से नाराज़ नाना पाटेकर नहीं गये सूटिंग पर मामले में ...

Tanushree Dutta has put the film industry in the grasp of Nana Patekar with serious allegations. The actress is constantly aiming at the young man. Nana has responded to the controversy growing. They told the allegations as false and said that they should take legal action. But there is another turn in this case. There is a new information about Tanushree Datta and Nana Patekar controversy. It is reported that Nana Patekar is absent from the shooting set since this dispute.

It is known that actress Tanushree Dutta has made serious allegations against Nana Patekar, after which many Bollywood legions have supported her. However, the lawyer of Nana Patekar described all these charges as contraband.

Nana had recently appeared in a photo shared on the Instagram of Farah Khan, after which it came to know that she is going to shoot her movie with a crew for the movie Housefull 4. According to the information, Nana Jaisalmer with the crew reached only on Thursday but since then the shooting has not come to the set.

Nana had to be on the shooting set from the very first day but she is not coming to the shooting set. Talking about the star cast of the movie, Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol will be seen playing the lead role in Housefull 4 this time and Kriti Senaan and Pooja Hegde will be in Female Lead Rolls. It is now news that director Sajid Khan Nana Patekar will now shoot the scenes later.