शरीर की हर एक नस को खोल देगा यह नुस्खा अपनाएंगे तो तुरंत फायदा होगा

Friends, as you know, as a person gets older, he becomes weak. Along with weakness, the nerves of the hands and feet of that person are blocked, due to which the person is unable to do his job properly and his legs begin to hear him quickly. It gives an indication of the block of the nerves of the body. To open the nerves of every body of your body today, we are going to tell you about a prescription that you can easily open your body nerves. This recipe is absolutely Ayurvedic, it has no side effects and it has been tried. Let's tell you about this recipe.

Recipe for opening nerves

You will need these things to open your body block nerves. 10 grams of linseed seed, 10 grams of sugar candy, 10 grams of walnuts, 10 grams magaz, 10 grams whole black pepper, 10 grams of satu teaspoon and 1 gram cinnamon.

With all these things, you have to grind them well and make their powder. Now this powder needs to be consumed every morning with 3 grams of stomach water at the time of morning. By consuming this powder your block veins will be opened forever and inside the body a new force will be realized. This recipe is also beneficial for removing digestive tract and physical weakness.