रावण की ये चीजें आज भी दुनियां में मौजूद है देखकर सोच में पड़ जाओगे

If you have seen Ramayana. So you will know this very well that King Ravana of Lanka was a very arrogant monster. With the exception of being a king, Ravana had many kimta things too. Of which three things are present in the world today.

1- Sri Lanka of gold

Let us tell you that Lord Shiva gave gold in the boon in joy, pleased with the hard penance of Ravana. Which is still present in Sri Lanka.

2-Palace of Ravana

Perhaps you would know that Ravana had built a magnificent palace named Sigriya in Lanka. Which has become a world heritage today


Ravana had demanded five pods from Lord Shiva in boon. Haridwar, Badrinath, Prayag and Dwarka, if the fifth podi was also found, then Ravan would become immortal. Let me tell you these four podis are still present.