दुनियां का एकमात्र भारतीय बल्लेबाज जो कभी भी रनआउट नहीं हुआ नाम जानकर है...

Everybody who understands cricket is well aware that in the game of cricket, the player gets run out at some point of time. But have you ever heard of a cricketer who has never runout? Even Virat Kohli, the most fit player of the Indian team, is sometimes runout. Today we are going to tell you about the only Indian batsman who has never scored in his Test career. This is not a foreign player but an Indian player.

Friends, the Indian batsman we are going to tell you today is the name of Kapil Dev. Kapil Dev has played 184 innings in 131 Test matches in his career, during which Kapil Dev has shown excellent batting and bowling. But Kapil Dev never run out in his Test career. Kapil Dev played for India from 1978 to 1994. During that period Kapil Dev was India's finest all-rounder.

Kapil Dev scored 5248 runs at an average of 31 in his Test career. It is sad to be runout for any batsman but Kapil Dev has never been run out in his Test career, it is a huge achievement in itself.