लीवर को बर्बाद कर देगी आपकी रोज की ये आदतें आज ही छोड़ दो नहीं तो पछताओगे

I will tell you about three such habits that you do not know in advance, but you do the same thing, and these three mistakes will give you the greatest harm.

As you know, the liver is an important part of our body and if there is any malfunction in the liver then our body can suffer a lot and can lead to our death, then we will not tell you the mistakes we will tell you today. To do .

This is 3 mistakes -

If there is a person who consumes oil spicy food throughout the day, then it can lead to liver disease and lever can worsen.

You should never consume water or tea in a plastic bottle because its effect falls on the liver.

If a person consumes junk food throughout the day, then the liver may also get worse.