इस वजह से हुयी थी महान कराटे मास्टर ब्रूस ली की जवानी में ही दुःखद मौत

Today, we are going to tell you that the martial arts and karate expert Bruce Lee died due to the reason. So let's start your time without having to.

Did you know that Bruce Lee was known for his action films? And people often called them Kung-Phu, martial arts, dragon master. Let us tell you that Bruce Lee was called Master, because he had made many changes in the basic martial arts, which was later accepted by all the people. In addition to being a martial arts expert, Bruce Lee was also a good poet.


When everything was going well, something happened that nobody expected. Bruce Lee was suffering from a disease called 'cerebral edema'. This is a disease in which the human brain becomes swollen, causing a sudden shortness of breath. And because of this Lee, many times the film was unconscious even on the set.

There was also a rumor about his death. Many people believed that for some unknown reasons, a secret Chinese organization "Triad" had killed Bruce Lee. However, in reality, he died from 'Cerebral Adima'.

On his death day, Bruce Lee had met producer Raymond Cho in Hong Kong for his next film, Game of Death.

They met at around 4 o'clock in the evening, and in the evening, Lee started severe headache. Lee's friend and fellow actress, Betty Ting Pai gave them an 'analgesic' medicine, which is made of two drugs 'Aspirin and Meprobamate'.

Post mortem report

According to the post-mortem report, Lee had allergy started with aspirin and meprobamate, and the size of his brain grew by about 13%.

According to his wife Linda, she had no desire to live the life of her old age, because she did not want to see her abilities and art diminished, which she had worked so hard to achieve. The world lost a great artist like Bruce Lee at a very young age. In 1973, at the age of 32, he went on to say goodbye to this world.