तिरुपति मन्दिर में बाल चढ़ाने के बाद उनका क्या होता है जानकर हैरान रह जा...

Someone has ever thought that due to his vow of pure people, we go to a temple and donate it to charity. But you know what they do with these hairs. They sell these hair, they have a huge market of these hair.

I would be surprised to hear but it is true. Because of the beauty and the desire for beautiful hair in the cosmetic world, our children are sold in millions.

These hair are working at every level of the market, from the hair to the salon and these bites cut for our vows are also going to those people.

It is of great value to traders doing hair business. And in these days there is a strict requirement of different types of children in this business. Because of the demand and price of dry and chopped hair, they are called black gold today, but very few people know this because every person comes by giving hair in the name of varnaat.

You know that the business of these hair is huge in the temple of Tirupati Balaji, because there is a lot of money in the name of faith. You know that hair from this temple was sold to these hair after Iqta. This temple has worked 200 crores by combining the hairstyle of 2014 and 2015.