के एल राहुल ने मैच के दौरान जो पानी पिया उसकी कीमत जानकर हैरान रह जाओगे

During this Asia Cup, this time there was something that has become the subject of discussion on social media these days. Let us tell you that Mohammed Shahjad, who batted first against India and Afghanistan, bat with a shocking bat and chasing 124 runs in 116 balls with 12 sixes and 11 fours to give the Indian team a target of 253 runs.

Due to his excellent performance, he has been honored with the title of Mainech, but today, what water we are talking about, Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahi in the 8th over of the Indian team?

For your information, tell us that during the drink break in the 8th over of the Indian team, Shikhar Dhawan came in the field with water, but did you know that Shikhar Dhawan is shaking water, KLL Rahal Company? So I tell you that the name of water is Aquafina

Whose bottle price is 10 rupees in India. For information, suppose the bottle was different because the energy drink was added to it. These days, some photos related to it are becoming very viral on social media