प्लास्टिक की बाल्टी से हुई इस मासूम बच्चे की मौत आपके भी है बच्चे है तो ...

It is said that the incidents do not ever tell by telling. They come suddenly and do such things, due to which the man is forced to repent for whole life. Often, we do not pay attention to such small things that can become bigger for us as if leaving the children alone, giving them something that they hurt or otherwise giving them something which is good for their health. Be harmful. We do all this work without thought, but we do not think so bad about the consequences of this.

The result of what we are going to tell you today is similar to that where a mother goes to the point of talking to her neighbor and then she gets upset with the life of her child. So what is this news that this whole story is about to know the end are.

Here a mother was busy talking to the neighbors and the play-girl 14 months old fell into a bucket filled with water, which led to her death. The incident is of Balapur village of Maner Thana area, where a 14-month-old child died after being sunk in a bucket on Thursday evening.

When he came back home, his scream got out. The neighbors also came to hear the screams of the child and immediately the child was taken to a nearby private hospital, but till then the child had died. The hospital doctor said, "We tried to remove water from the baby's lungs but we could not save him due to the complete stoppage of breath." The police has also denied any conspiracy in the case.