भारतीय टीम के इस खिलाडी से प्यार करती हैं बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री काजल अग्रवाल

Friends! Today, we are going to tell you about a player of cricket whose kajal agarwal has become his addict, and he likes them very much. So let's know who the player is.

Friends can tell you that Kajal Agarwal is a very beautiful actress of Bollywood, she is very passionate about her. It looks very beautiful and glamorous in appearance. He has made many films in Bollywood which the audience likes them very much. But Kajal Agarwal likes someone else very much. And that is Indian player Rohit Sharma.

Friends, when asked in interview with Kajal Agarwal, who was his most favorite player, he had replied in the reply that Rohit Sharma is his favorite player, and he is his big fan. And they love them very much. He said Rohit Sharma has become a batting player and Rohit Sharma is a very good player.

Friends should tell you that Rohit Sharma is a very good player of the Indian team, and he bats very stormy. People who love it very much. Therefore, girls die on them and millions of people are crazy about them.