भारत और बांग्‍लादेश मैच में कैमरे में कैद हुई ये 3 लड़कियां जानें कौन है...

India had defeated Bangladesh with great ease in the match against Super 4 played between India and Bangladesh. But in this match, these 3 extremely beautiful boys were constantly watching the cameras, seeing the pictures, the viewers were also happy, but they did not know who it is, who is the three.

In the first picture you are looking at a very beautiful Indian female fan, it came from India to support the Indian team. The camera was showing them repeatedly because it was very beautiful.

In the second picture you are also looking at a beautiful Indian fan who came to India to support his team in Dubai. Because of their beauty, the camera was showing them repeatedly.

In the third shot, you are clearly Rituika Sharma, wife of Hit Man Rohit Sharma, opener of Team India. Apart from them, this picture also includes Shikhar Dhawan and Dinesh Karthik's wife. During the match, the camera man was showing this picture again and again.