सनी देओल के पसीने छूट गए थे फिल्म घातक के इस विलेन से लड़ाई में आज है BJ...

Fatal film is a very good movie, in which Sunny Deol has done a great deal of action. The great action and dialogues of this movie are still remembered by the people. Katari and Kashi Nath's tremendous dialogue will be heard many times.

Before the dialogue of Katy and Kashinath, there was a very grueling battle, from villain. In this film, this villain has been known as the monster. In this movie, Viju Khote had already warned Sunny Deol that, Do not get scared or else this man kills his heart, and on this there was a dialogue of Sunny Deol, wishing heart for Kashi's heart.

For your information, tell that this dangerous villain is the real name, Ponnambalam l. This dangerous villain has worked in Telugu and Tamil films other than Hindi films. It is shown in the film Fatal that when Sunny Deol is the villain If you fight with them, they are sweaty.

He was born in Chennai on September 14, 1963 in Chennai, but he used to be a sportsman in his time. But due to some compulsion, he had to appear in films.

He had 6 sisters, who were his only supporters, because of which he was in dire need of money and he chose the film line.

Looking at his fitness, he started rolling out a stuntman in the film industry. While playing the character of a stuntman in films, he has been hurt many times, due to which the name of the spare parts was also found in Bollywood. He did not stop working in films.