कादर खान के बारे मे ये आश्चर्यजनक बातें जिन्हें जानकर आप दंग रह जाओगे

Actor Kader Khan has worked in the film industry for the past several decades and has always entertained his audience with his great comic time. He acted in various films and was one of the most sought after comedians of his time, so today we will learn more about him, then let's start.

Today, we will tell you some unknown facts of Kader Khan who you do not know!

1. Kader Khan wrote dialogues for more than 1000 Indian films and also starred in over 300 films. He was also a director, screenwriter, actor, dialogue writer, as well as a comedian, basically, he was very talented.

2. There was a lot of demand for Kadar Khan's pair with comedian-actor Govinda, both of whom had loved so much that in most of the films you have seen Govinda with Kader Khan.

3. Reporters have said that Kadar Khan is busy busy writing the script for the next part of the super hit "Andaz Apna Apna", which played the role of Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

4. Kader Khan served a lot for the Muslim community and therefore he was recognized by AFMI (American Union of Muslims of India) for his service and achievement for the Muslim community in India.

5. Sarafraj Khan, son of Kader Khan, tried his hand in the film industry through some side roles in films such as Tere Naam, Ramayana Vastavaiya etc. But still, he could not make a name for himself like his father.

6. Kadar Khan is an education engineer and he taught as a professor in the Civil Engineering Department in Mumbai before becoming a part of the Indian Film Industry.

7. When Kader Khan was a professor, he participated in a small play and Dilip Kumar was present in that event. Dilip Kumar was so impressed with his acting that he took him for his next film.

8. Kader Khan completed his master's degree in Arabic from Osmania University. He wanted to open Arabic Language Institute in India, Pakistan, Canada, UK and USA.