नाना पाटेकर के बाद अब इस डायरेक्टर पर तनुश्री ने लगाया नग्न कर नचाने का ...

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has been quite successful in these days. Tanushree had accused Nana Patekar of having dishonesty with him on the set. Now Tanushree has revealed another shocking disclosure. Tanushree accused of exploiting director Vivek Agnihotri even in a DNA interview. They said, 'Vivek tells me to take off your clothes and then dancing in front of Irrfan Khan and Sunil Shetty. This event is of the year 2005. In the scene when I was shooting the film Chocolate, only to have a close-up shot of both actors. That scene was not my mine. Yet the director told me to take out clothes and dance in front of them. Then Irfan Khan and Sunil Shetty endured Vivek

Irfan and Sunil said that we do not need gestures. We know how to do it. Do not say Tanushree to dance. I respect Irrfan Khan very much. It was their shot and they took the stand for me. After dancing off my clothes, there was nothing to do with facial expressions. Nevertheless, the director said go and dress and dance. I was surprised. Irfan was also scared to hear the conscience. He had worked with Vivek earlier too. They said with conscience what are you saying? I can give my closeup I am acting. Sunil also has his side. They opposed this. They said that I should come to gesture. Irfan and Sunil are one of the best people of the industry. Sunil scolded Vivek. '

Aarop on Nana Patekar

Taking charge of Nana Patekar, Tanushree had said that everyone knows about Nana Patekar. Their behavior has been disrespectful to women. People in the industry know about them that they have beaten and beaten with actress. His behavior towards women has always been brutal, but no publicity has written anything on this issue.

If Tanushree believed that she had come to shoot solo item number on the set of 'horn okay please'. Tanushree has alleged that Nana Patekar used to be extremely impatient with him on the set. He also complained to the producers, but no one believed in Tanushree's statement. Not only that, he was attacked while leaving the studio. Then police came and rescued Tanushree and his family.