इस भारतीय वैज्ञानिक ने बिना सीमेंट के बना डाला था कृष्णा सागर बांध देखकर...

Bharat Ratna Mokshgundam Visvesvaraya's contribution rarely remembers anyone. This same Visva-Vrwaiya who made the Krishna Sagar Dam without a cement. But once the British thought it was making fun of them, it was an illiterate fool. Birthday of Bharat Ratna Mokshgundam Visvesvarayya is celebrated as Engineer's Day. When India was not independent, then the establishment of Krishna Raj Sagar Dam, Bhadravati Iron and Steel Works, Mysore Sandal Oil and Soup Factory, Mysore University, Bank of Mysore etc. have been established. So they are called Bhagiratha of Karnataka.

When it was 32 years old, he prepared a plan to send water to the Sukkur town from the river Sindhu. All the engineers who liked it. The government created a committee to find ways to improve the irrigation system. Visvesvaraya invented a new block system for this. He built steel doors that helped prevent the flow of water from the dam. His system was praised by the British authorities too. Their system is being used today in the whole world.

When India was slaves, at that time India was not only the situation of other states of India. Visvesvaraya was concerned about the basic problems of people such as education, poverty, unemployment, disease etc. The lack of factories, dependency on rain water for irrigation and the problem of using the means of farming was similar. To solve these problems, Visvesvaraya suggested the formation of an economic conference. Construction of Krishnaraj Sagar dam in Mysore. Cement was not built during the construction of Krishnaraj Sagar Dam. For this he prepared a substance called mortar. Which was stronger than cement. In 1912, the world was appointed by the Maharaja of Mysore as Dewan.

When there was a great train accident, due to Visweswaraiya - it was a matter of time when British rule was in India. A heavy train was going. Most of the passengers were British. An Indian was sitting in a serious position in a box. This passenger of Sawal Rang and common saddle was sitting in a simple costume. Therefore, the Englishmen sitting in the train were considered foolish and illiterate. And were mocking him. But this person was not paying attention to anything. Suddenly the man got up and pulled the chain of the train. The fast moving train stopped immediately. All the passengers started saying this person a bad name, and after a while the guard came and asked who chained him. The person who chained has answered me. When asked for the reason, that person has said that my guess is that the railway track has been dispersed at a distance of almost a furlough from here. The guard asked, how do you know? Then the person said, sir, I experienced that the difference in the normal speed of the train has come to an end. The speed of the sound resonating sounds to me.

When the guard reached at some distance about that person, he was stunned to see that the tracks of the railway were actually open from one place. And the track is missing. Other passengers also arrived there. When people came to know that all the passengers were saved due to the person's sense of well-being, everyone appreciated them. When the guard asked him who you are, then that person said I am an engineer and my name is Dr. M. Visvesvaraya. All of them were shocked to hear their names. In fact, the reputation of the doctor Visvesvaraya was spread throughout the country at that time. Those who were making fun of Doctor Vishwaswaraiya in the train. They started apologizing to Dr. Sahab. Dr. Visweswaraiya's answer was, I do not know what I said to all of you.