भाजपा की इस खूबसूरत युवती को देख योगी और मोदी भी शरमा जाते है दी है इसे ...

The Bharatiya Janata Party is considered to be a anti-Muslim party, but very few people will know that there is also a minority front which works for the welfare of women of the Muslim community. There is also a beautiful Muslim leader in this front who handles a big post. Recently, CM Yodi gave this young woman a big responsibility. Let's know who is this maiden

This is that beautiful maiden whose thing is happening

The BJP's beautiful young woman we are talking about is actually a big leader. Yes he is the state minister of BJP minority front. His name is Dr. Nazia Khan. She works for the welfare of Muslim women in this branch of BJP and raises their issues.

Yogi Sarkar has given great responsibility to the Nazis

The Yogi Sarkar has given this beautiful leader a responsibility to the Nazis. The BJP now has an ordinance on divorce, the party is going to work for the welfare of women who are divorced victims. For this work, the responsibility of the Nazis has been entrusted.

The Nazis will have to make the data and will have to help

According to the responsibility given by the BJP to the Nazis, now the Nazis will have to set up their own teams in separate districts and they themselves have to go and make a list of divorce victims. After this, he will have to help the government to do his work.