इस अभिनेता को देख कर छत से कूद जाती थी लड़किया कोर्ट ने इस अभिनेता पर लग...

Friends, in today's era, people may say Shahrukh Khan is the King of Romance. But the real King of Romance was not an actor but an actor. The girls who jumped from the ceiling after seeing the black suit Those who did not have an acting style also made people crazy. In our video of today, we will tell you about this artist.

Friends, the actor we are talking about is none other, but the evergreen hero of Bollywood was 'Devanand'. There was such a craze about the Dev Saheb between the girls, which probably is not about Shahrukh, Salman and Hrithik. If you are not sure, then let us tell you a sentence related to Dev Saheb. You will be convinced that if most of the girls die on a hero, then it was Devanand.

Devanand has lived in Romania and fashion icon in his era. From ordinary people to film makers, they were convinced of their style and good luck. By the way, Dev Saheb used to wear handsomes in all the clothes. But his shirt was different in white shirts and black suits. In this getup they looked very attractive. Even people tried to copy their style of this. Not only this, the girls were so mad by seeing Devanand in this form, that many had jumped off the roof.

Yes, rightly heard, when you saw Devanand in a black suit, the girls became so engrossed that they used to leap from the roof after seeing them. Many girls died in this. After which the court had to intervene in this matter and he banned Devnand's black suit after wearing it.

This has not happened to any hero, till date, but the charm of Devanand was such that the court had to intervene in this matter for the first time and Devanand also stopped wearing black suit on public place for his interest.

So now you are convinced that Dev Anand is the only hero who has the highest female fan following. Do you ever give girls such a fantasy for someone else's hero