ये है हिन्दू-मुस्लिम नाम वाली बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्रियाँ लेकिन वास्तव में थीं ...

You must have known well about Israel and the Jews, but do you know that even in India there is a good contribution of Jews. Especially in Bollywood movies. At the time the Bollywood started in India, most of the actresses working in films were actually Jewish.


Sulochana is the name of the Hindu, which is why most people consider him as Hindu, but the Bollywood actress whom you know as Sulochana, in fact their name was Ruby Mayors and she was a Jew. He had worked in successful films such as Neelkamal, Amrapali, Julie and Khatta-Meetha.


Nadira is a Muslim name due to which most people think that she would be Muslim, but in reality her name was Florence Azaley Nadira and she was a Jew. Nadira had worked in many superhit films such as Mr. 420, Pakkija and Amar Akbar Anthony.


Not to be confused with Pramila. His real name was Esther Victoria Abraham. He also has a name in Bollywood's Jewish actresses. She was the superhit actress of the beginning of Bollywood, who played important roles in many films of that time. He was also known for stunts.

Feroza Begum

Only after listening to the name of Feroza Begum, nobody will tell that he is a Muslim but in fact he was a Jew. His real name was Suzanne Solomon. She is Bollywood actress of that time when Bollywood cinema was just beginning in India.

Ramala devi

The real name of Bollywood actress Rama Devi was Russell Cohen and she was also a Jew. Rama Devi also used to come in Bollywood's early films. Like all Jewish actresses, she also changed her name to work in Bollywood films.