मेहंदी में केवल ये चीज मिलाकर बालों में लगा ले बुढ़ापे तक बाल रहेंगे काल...

Friends, many people are troubled by hair problems nowadays. Nowadays people's hair becomes white and lifeless at an early age. Apart from this, some people start to lose hair. The beauty of such a person gets stained in it. Strong, dark, dense and long hair play an important role in the beauty of a person. But nowadays changing lifestyles, pollution, and lack of nutrients in the food, hair becomes weak, stiff, lifeless and white at a young age. So today we have brought a thing for you that by adding it in a henna, your hair will remain black and dense till old age. Friends, in Mehndi, only this 1 thing mixed with hair, hair will remain black and dense till old age.

necessary ingredients

To keep the hair black and dense, we need Mehndi powder and almond oil.

Method of applying

First of all, it is necessary to mix Mehndi's powder and almond oil in a pot and mix it well. And run it on a low flame by putting it on the gas. So that almond oil is well mixed in Mehndi. When almond oil is found in a powder of Mehndi thoroughly, take it off and cool it down. Put the mixture well in the hair roots. Wash it after the mehndi is well dried. By doing this for 4 consecutive weeks, your hair will become dense, long, dark and strong. You have to do this once in a week. You will definitely benefit from this. So, try it once for sure.


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