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Today, we are going to make you aware of the incident of Bollywood, when the actor slapped Rajesh Khanna and said, If the money is taken then the film has to be completed.

Yes, friends, we are talking about Bollywood's well-known comedian Mahmood. In 1979, the film 'Janta Havaldar' was played by actor Rajesh Khanna and comedian Mahmood.

The shooting of the film was going on in Mahmud's farmhouse. One day Mahmud's son, Rajesh Khanna, went to his work with a hello halo. Rajesh Khanna was angry at this and began to lie down for the shoot.

For the rest of the hours, fellow artists were waiting for Rajesh Khanna to shoot. When Comedian Mahmood asked Rajesh Khanna to lie down, he got screwed.

Comedian angry Mahmud slapped Rajesh Khanna and said if the money is taken then the film has to be completed.

Comedian Mahmood's friends used to have magic in movies at that time. They used to get more money than the actor. All the Bollywood film producers-director comedian Mehmood did much respect.

Because of this Rajesh Khanna did not take any side because the mistake was from Rajesh Khanna.