अखिलेश यादव के अकाउंट में क्रेडिट हुए 16 खरब 54 अरब रुपये जब चेक किये त...

Akhilesh Yadav's account of a private company manager of Dera Bassasi has made a credit of over 16 trillion rupees 54 billion and two crore 23 lakh 63 thousand rupees. Akhilesh does not understand that he is happy to celebrate the happiness of this online transaction or to be treated as a fraud.

Akhilesh Yadav son Munshi Lal Yadav resident of ATS Apartments, Union Bank of India bank account has been made in two installments in two installments. Trillions of rupees are happening in the bank statement, but the available is not coming in the balance. There are only about two thousand rupees in its avalable balance.

Akhilesh said Rs 500 from ATM on Thursday evening Removal to check, but the trillions of rupees do not appear in his account. This is the first case of this kind of triseity. Despite talking on customer care and putting an e-mail, Akhilesh was not told that who transferred the money and where he transferred.

In the statement, this transaction is written in UPIAB only. UniPaid Payment Interface, which is used for RBI's Mobile to Mobile Money Transaction. There was no satisfactory reply from the Branch Manager of the local bank about this. Akhilesh's original account is in Udaipur's Sitapur branch, Uttar Pradesh.

When contacted, he was told that the amount in the statement of Akhilesh's account in the bank is not reflection anywhere. On this, Punjab and Sind Bank of Delhi, AGM Kuldeep Singh of Delhi said that this may be an attempt to hacker so that he can misuse the account by finding the ATM PIN and OTP etc.

LICER COMPANY IS MANAGER: 30-year-old Akhilesh Yadav is a maintenance manager in Rajasthan Likar Company. Veerwar has been fined Rs 8,27,01,11,76,898 in his bank account at 11.25 in the morning. That is, deposited more than 8 trillion 27 billion dollars. Minutes later, at 11:28 again, 8,27,01, 11,86,252 rupees were deposited. Akhilesh had a balance of Rs 2149.26 at that time.