तनुश्री दत्ता और नाना पाटेकर विवाद पर आया सलमान खान ने कह डाली ऐसी बात क...

Tanushree Dutta has spread a sensation across Bollywood with a statement about the matter in the media about 10 years ago. Tanushree Dutta said in her statement that when she was shooting the film "Horn OK with" Nana Patekar, Nana Patekar tried to tamper with them and made them a victim of heritage, due to which Tanushree Dutta had her Had to cross the border.

But Tanushree did not disclose this fact, after 10 years, has raised this issue and has poured the whole country along with whole Bollywood. Every day, celebrities are expressing their side and opposition about this matter one after another. Because of this, Salman Khan has also given his opinion on this matter. Actually, Salman Khan had recently arrived at an event where he was questioned by the media that you always live in favor of women and talk about their rights.

But now with Tanushree Datta what would you like to keep in mind about all this. All were hoping Salman Khan would take sides on one side and oppose another but Salman Khan said that I have no information in this matter and if I speak on this matter without informing, then become a contraversi Will go. Without fully scrutiny, I would not like to make any statement on this matter and it is not okay. I would like to have my opinion as soon as I get complete information about this matter.