शरीर के इन अंगों पर भूल से भी साबुन नही लगाना चाहिए नहीं तो बाद में पछता...

You will know what kind of chemicals are used to make soap. If you use soap on the wrong part, then it will be very harmful for you. Today, we will tell you that soap should not be used on these three organs while bathing. So let's know

Inside the nose

If you use soap in the wrong way in the inside of the nose while bathing then you will feel jealous and for you it can generate many problems related to the brain.

on face

According to doctors, the use of soap made with neem, amla and other sour foods on the face should not be used as it has a bad effect on the face. This is because our face's skin is very soft.

On the hair

Shampoo comes to wash hair. If soap was used then why should shampoo be made? By applying soap in the hair, the hair becomes weak and the risk of getting it in your hair increases.